Harness the Sun, Save Money!

Did you know that you can save money and the Earth just by installing solar panels to heat your water and run your building’s electricity? Call Velocity Solar today to learn more about how this green energy source can benefit your bank account and our planet.

If you’re constructing a new home or business or want to know how you can modify your existing building in order to fit a more green lifestyle, call your local solar experts today to learn more about the benefits of solar panel installation. This practice of bottling the sun was once a rarity among private property owners, but a plethora of benefits has made solar panels a common sight across the USA. Some of these benefits include:

  • The chance to help the Earth every day without drastically changing your routines
  • Money-saving opportunities
  • The satisfaction of social responsibility

Many wonder exactly how solar panels help them save money. Here’s how:

After the initial purchase and installation of your panels, there are no additional fuel supply fees. Since your energy provider is the golden sun, you’re essentially bottling rays of free energy! On top of panels that provide electricity to your building, solar pool heaters and solar water heaters are also available, bringing you additional money-saving benefits!

Many areas provide the option of linking your solar energy system to the nearby power grid. This allows property owners to take advantage of the power provided by the utility company during extended periods of time without sunshine, but that’s not all. When you’re part of a grid-tied system, the solar energy that you do not use gets sold BACK to the utility, earning you a little extra cash! Grid-tied systems are a double win, because you can earn extra money, while having the peace of mind of knowing that your electrical needs are always covered–even if the sun is covered.

Ask your solar panel contractor if you are eligible for any federal and state rebates provided for solar panel installation. If you meet the requirements, which can include having solar power systems of an predetermined type and design, your solar power contractor will help you fill out the necessary paperwork. They will walk you through any information you do not understand so you can feel completely comfortable with your new power source.

The effectiveness of your solar energy panels depends greatly on proper design. You’ll get the most energy for your money when you allow professional solar panel contractors to review your building, your energy demands, and your terrain before determining the best position for your solar panels and the internal design of the panels themselves. The experts will make certain that your panels catch as much light as possible while ensuring adherence to local building codes so you can avoid potentially hefty fines.


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