Why Consider Solar

Switching to solar power can be very rewarding, but many people never consider it as more than a passing thought. There are many reasons that people dismiss it as a viable option: it is not 100 percent effective, it can be expensive to purchase and install, and it seems to be unsightly. However, there are also many reasons to contact a solar company in Seattle. Regardless of the worries you may have, making the change is definitely worth consideration.

Solar is a great alternative source of energy. Not only is it generally self-sustaining, but there are financial and environmental benefits of using solar. Even though it can’t always completely replace your existing energy sources, it can at least supplement the energy sources you already use. This will have the added benefit of cutting down on your power bill every month. All you have to do is make a few calls.

Benefits of Solar

The main benefits of switching to solar power are environmental. Because fossil fuels, which are the most common energy source used in the world, produce particulate pollution and carbon dioxide, the power derived from oil can have a lot of negative impact on Earth’s atmosphere, which then negatively impacts Earth’s ecosystem. Since plants convert CO2 to oxygen, wide-scale deforestation such as the kind that happens in tropical regions makes this pollution even more dangerous. Solar power helps cut down on the amount of fossil fuels burned to provide energy.

The secondary benefits are financial. With federal and local incentives to make the switch, you will get tax benefits and even payments per kilowatt-hour produced by your panels–even if you only use your solar energy in your own home! Additionally, once you install solar panels, they will work for you for as long as you live there, which helps your financial situation long term.

Effectiveness of Solar

As you may have already guessed, living in a place like Seattle will hinder your ability to use solar power as efficiently as you could in, for example, southern California or Arizona. As solar panels are usually 20 to 40 percent efficient, you can’t entirely replace your current energy system with solar power…at least not yet. Scientists are working tirelessly to improve the technology to include storing the energy harvested from the sun, but as it stands, the storage feature is still in its infancy and not as good as it could be. However, you can use solar panels to supplement your current systems. If you use solar power instead of electricity provided by fossil fuel power plants some of the time, you can decrease your personal fossil fuel use, thereby reaping the benefits and contributing to both the economy and the worldwide efforts to cut down on pollution. As solar technology improves, so too could the effectiveness of your system.

What Solar Means for You

You know the benefits and drawbacks of using solar power, but how can you best make this work for you? How can you reap the rewards of your efforts, and how long will it take? Fortunately, the benefits begin immediately, although you will have to wait a few years before your solar panels essentially pay for themselves in saved costs.

Make sure to claim solar power on your taxes. Check into the local payments and incentives. Keep up with the technology supplied by your chosen solar company in Seattle, and upgrade your equipment if you believe it is necessary. Keep an eye on your power bill and try to use your solar panels as often as you can. If you do these things, you will be able to see the results of your efforts.

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